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TORONTO Racing Simulators

Mobile Events Company

Servicing the Greater Toronto Area

Rent racing simulators for your Corporate Event, Private Function, Party or Celebration.
Knowledgeable a
ttendants, adrenaline induced training and fantastic time included!

Unleash the Ultimate Digital Racing Experience

Rent Racing Simulators and Take Your Corporate Events, Parties, and Celebrations to the Fast Lane

Experience the thrill of sim racing with challegeGTA. We bring the excitement to your events and celebrations with Toronto’s best mobile racing simulators. Our mobile racing simulator rental rigs are self powered, staffed with knowledgeable crew and stuffed with high end equipment.

Rent the racing simulators for your bar mitzvah, wedding, stag, bachelor party, birthday or a corporate event, and you will be asking us to build you a racing sim of your own next. All of our rental events come with two staff members who will train the players. The sim racing rental equipment will always be delivered and setup in advance of your event. Request a quote now!

Toronto Racing Simulators
Racing Simulator Rental
Rent a Sim
Toronto Racing Simulators
Racing Simulator Rental
Rent a Sim
Toronto Racing Simulators
Racing Simulator Rental
Rent a Sim

Mobile Racing Simulators in Toronto

How We Became a Toronto Racing Simulators Company

We’re not your average entertainment business. Founded in 2018 by racing enthusiasts Ivan Gudov and Anton Golubok, we started off as an e-racing and auto-cross competitive events company. Our events were adrenaline-fueled spectacles, with prizes ranging from cold hard cash to even an actual car (yes, a Subaru BRZ!). But when the pandemic hit and public events became a distant dream, we knew we had to adapt and pivot to racing simulator rental business.

challengeGTA - Toronto Racing Simulator Rental - rent the best racing simulator and crew in all of southern Ontario. The most memorable experience you will have and you can "drink and drive". Assetto Corso, iRacing and F1 available at our simulator Toronto events.

Big Thanks to Our Partners

Simulation1 Systems

Lets you experience the reality of today’s high performance games. Get deeper into racing games with powerful simulators for professionals and personal uses.

TooFast Motors

Proudly serving Canadians since 2006 with car parts! We carry over 3,000 brands and 500,000+ parts. We are a proud group of car enthusiasts, mechanics, designers, and vloggers.

Wraptors Inc

Providing the best services of vehicle color customization, chrome automotive wrapping, vinyl wrap, car wraps, auto wrappen, chrome vinyl and lots more.

Crafty Fast Cars

Custom carbon fiber and other material car parts and accessories made to custom fit your vehicle. Quality service, exceptional care.


Laura C.

“I had the pleasure of working with Anton and Ivan of challengeGTA and I must say my experience exceeded all expectations. From start to finish, the level of service was outstanding!”

Marissa M.

“We were thrilled to have ChallengeGTA join us at our Formula 1 inspired gala. The two racing simulators were an excellent addition to the event and provided guests with the ultimate F1 experience! Thank you Anton and Ivan for such a memorable night.”

Josh G.

“…The guys were great in giving pointers to the drivers to get them on the right track. The whole event got competitive pretty quickly! Highly recommended for any gathering of people, especially diesel mechanics!”

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